Coaching & Workshops

Laughing While You Learn

Presentation Coaching: There are a variety of ways to go about getting some coaching. To truly address your specific needs, contact Andrea for a complimentary consult over the phone so as to customize your learning tools to be most effective. For example, you might only need to meet up for an hour to smooth out a few wrinkles in a pitch. Someone else may need a few sessions to develop some overall strategies for the long haul. Andrea & Mark can help shape your technique and explore devices for giving a relaxed, memorable and captivating delivery. Workshops for groups are also an option. 

Juggling/Comedy Workshops: It’s always invigorating to break up a meeting, workshop, trainings, or conference with an energetic, fun and interactive adventure. Learn faster with laughter! Allow your brain to relax, kick your intuition into gear, and take your kinetic abilities for a ride while learning something new. Lots of props to choose from; this interactive juggling and comedy workshop provides both a release of tension and comic relief.