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“Super assembly! Students were very engaged. Excellent ‘hook’ with juggling, music, teacher/student involvement. Also, the pre-discussion questions were great. Just an awesome performance, you both have dynamic personalities and do so well with children of this age.”

— Matt Maloney, Fifth grade teacher, Alamo Elementary School

“Although I (and the students) enjoyed the more entertaining aspects of your performance, I especially feel that your honesty and the logic of your messages about tobacco/the media resonated with man kids. I think that your message will have lasting impact.”

— Brooke Rocke, Asst. Principal

“Excellent way to reach the kids, get their attention and give them solid information. I appreciated the emphasis on self-empowerment and critical thinking in response to advertising.

— Christina Kowalchuk, 8th grade Humanities

“Never before have I seen students so completely mesmerized with a performance. The show was fast paced with great information and very-very funny!?”

— Ken Richards, Principal

“Loved bucketboy and rockerchick. it was funny and informative. it kept my studnets interested througout the whole presentation..great acting and guitar and accordion playing.”

— Mrs. Cowen, 5th Grade Teacher

“Excellent program. I loved the energy of both speakers.”

— Hidden Springs Elementary, Branscomb

“The humor and music added so much interest. The audience was involved. You both seemed to establish a great rapport w/ the audience and your use of creative props caught their attention. Uou both are very talented!”

— Tim Breen, 5th Grade Teacher

“Fun and informative. The actors were having fun and it was contagious. Notl like any other assembly presentation I’ve ever seen.”

— Lisa Miller, 3rd Grade Teacher

“Teaching using a variety of teaching strategies. Excellent music and student involvment, relating to the students subject matter. Interactive, enthusiastic and fun! Great job!”

— Bramhall 7th Grade Teacher

“This was awesome, simply fantastic! Students were mesmerized and so much great info was presented in an entertaining and exciting way. The summary of the educational concepts at the end was good closure for a great show.”

— Swanson, Principal

“Great feedback from the kids and teachers–thumbs up! Very cool. The kids were hooked! The message was delivered without boring them or hitting them over the head.”

— David Goldt, Activities Director

“Great assembly! Kids were really interested and attentive. The Best yet! Well adapted for the different grade levels. Several teachers commented that it was really wonderful with a meaningful message.”

— Sarita Turner, Prevention Outreach Counselor

“Very entertaining and informative. It was quick paced, and you were both engaging. Students were spellbound!”

— Cynthia Thompson, Principal