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“It is amazing how well you connect with the students and are able to deliver a powerful message that they can hear. Your ability to “zoom” in every year is why we keep having you back over and over. I would highly recommend you to any school interested in an exciting and insightful educational program”

— Jon Fine, Principal, Wanda Hirsch School

“This is exactly how students can be compelled to listen to such a serious message. The timing and information was outstanding. Thank you!”

— Richard Shaw, Principal, Mitchell Middle School

“Our 3rd, t4th and 5th grade students were totally focused and engaged from beginning to end. A. Terry and Mark Bunnell provide an extremely entertaining and powerful assembly that teaches students the importance of making responsible choices. Our students loved it and so did the teachers.”

— Jane Wheeler, Prinicpal, Monte Vista Elementary

“Cool Music! Hilarious unicycling. An all around funny-well paced show with a well crafted message.”

— Fann Gray, Principal

“I felt that the structure, context, and interaction thoroughly engaged my students and kept their attention.. I think you appeal to students level of understanding in a way that is memorable and encourages them to reflect about your message.”

— Cheryl Wilson, Principal, LeConte Elementary

“A Wonderful and delightful performance with a powerful message–We loved it!”

— Cheryl Chinn, Principal, Malcom X Arts Magnet School

“The “No Ifs, Ands or Butts” assembly was outstanding. Great message for kids. Very entertaining. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for an outstanding assembly.”

— Michael Anderson, Vice-Principal, Butler Elementary School

“I just saw these performers present a synopsis of their tobacco awareness program and they were very creative, funny and entertaining. More importantly, the whole time they made their points regarding tobacco use prevention clear and to the point.”

— Emily Reynolds, Tobacco Control Coordinator, Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services